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FooMonkey FooMonkey 91 1 2. ObtainExclusiveAccess failed issues. Thank you, thank you - works perfectly although I had to overcome that 'init: ObtainExclusiveAccess' issue as well.

How to burn an MP3 CD in iTunes

I have not verified the pauses, but the songs are definitely on the copy. Unfortunately it seems Burn has been abandoned and doesn't work with Yosemite. You can launch it, but it won't clone audio CDs. Have you tried making image with Disk utility?

Details and pictures here: Determine the disk number of the audio CD via diskutil list e. Irl Concord Irl Concord 11 3. This solution works perfectly for me: Now you need to burn it on new, blank CD: Select the image , and then click on the Burn button Follow the directions and insert a blank CD-R disc when prompted.

Slight variation from the process described by FooMonkey - as I was running into issues using an external optical drive - along the lines of: ObtainExclusiveAccess failed I recommend first reading FooMonkey's post above, as it is an excellent and very thorough answer, and provides more complete advice with better context to what is presented here. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

How to Burn a Music CD in iTunes

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How to Burn Files to a DVD / CD on Mac OS

Related 1. Hot Network Questions. The process of burning CDs is simple, and the resulting discs played effectively. For those who don't have or want to use native software programs for burning discs, Burn for Mac, while simple, is an effective freeware program. The update also includes picture-in-picture to watch videos while you scroll and block. The revised proposal raises the cap on the number of sites that an ad blocker can block. A new feature in Chrome will better hide your Incognito session so websites can't detect it. Could be faster with conversion or could offer individual Mac and Windows conversions.

Was this review helpful? Data CDs - if I burn windows data files inc. If you want to burn a CD with windows files, use Finder instead as it works properly. After removing and downloading the app multiple times I have yet to successfully create a DVD. I used Burn to duplicate an audio CD. All seemed to go well: So far so good. But during playback every track was completely silent. And yes, my iTunes and OS volumes were up. I even tried the CD-R on a stand alone disc player hooked up to my stereo.

Same effect: Burn represents the internet's biggest drawback: After researching some forums for freeware, spending time tracking down this particular program, downloading it, installing it, figuring out the basics and trying it out Instead of wasting zero time and just dropping a relatively nominal amount of money on a proven product like Toast, I went the cheap route and got what I deserved: Is your time valuable? Then Burn is perfect for you! Cannot edit playlists or order of any items within the program. I tried burning a dvd to play on my girlfriend's dvd player.

Movie burned successfully and I'm able to play it on my computer, but all three dvd players I tried it on would not play dvd including my playstation 3 which supports more styles of dvds. I tried again with another dvd and changed the settings slightly thinking I may have used the wrong settings, but still it would not play. Reply to this review Read reply 1. Im looking for the same type of software.

Did you end up finding something that you like? I had just purchased a new imac with Lion. After creating an imovie for my granddaughters softball team I went to burn the movie onto 12 separate DVD's. One for each player. Thats when I discovered imac no longer bumdles idvd on imacs. I needed to get this done in a short time so I needed a quick fix.

I thought that Burn would be the answer. Of the 12 DVD's I burned, 12 had some sort of problem. Each one either wouldn't play at all in a standard DVD player or the video skipped and jumped all through the video. I had wasted 12 DVDs. After lots of research I purchased Toast titanium 11 and it works perfectly. Reburned all the DVD's in Toast and not one single complaint. You really get what you pay for.

Burn is free for a reason. Needed something that allowed me to rearrange some tracks for a CD. Worked exactly as I needed.

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I was in need of a program that allowed me to easily copy CDs for a computer illiterate friend - I think I found it. Simple UI. Rearranging of tracks very doable and easy drag and drop. Simple and easy to use. And free. Perfect for my needs. As someone else mentioned, Burn has zero flexibility on the track arranging screen. For such a simple thing, this drawback is completely stupid and amateurish! Physical media discs like CDs and DVDs are becoming less common as online data transfer takes over as a dominant form of data transmission and file sharing, but nonetheless discs containing files and data remains an important method of transfer and sharing for many industries, and for many users.

Was this helpful to you for learning how to copy data and files to a disc from a Mac? Share your experiences and advice in the comments below! Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. The real question is what reliable and full-featured software to use for burning to Blu-Ray discs on OS X. I use Toast Titanium which allows you to burn a cd or dvd that can be read by a machine with Windows: The Mac system has always been able to create a format that can be used with a Windows, Linux or Amiga and others.

This goes back to MacOS 7 and has continued since. I have created disks for friends using those systems. I have no idea about playstation or any of the gaming consoles though.

Burning Music CDs

I am just providing this as background information not an argument. Hanns, you are wrong, I am sorry to hear you can not follow the instructions to burn a CD in MacOS, perhaps you can try again and follow each step. If you want to burn a CD from another disk, which is a different procedure than simply burning a CD, you need to make an image of the original CD then burn that image to the new blank CD. Name required.