Error Starting Desktop (java.lang​.NullPoint​erExceptio​n)

Walter Roberson Walter Roberson view profile. I just tried again with my Sierra virtual machine; I cannot launch the Ra installer at all or rather, it bombs out immediately, with no message.

  1. Error starting desktop r2017a on mac os Sierra (Solved)?
  2. mac os x 10.5.8 update 10.8.
  3. mac ctrl alt del rdp;
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This is probably a java related issue, and you are more likely to be able to run the installer if you did an upgrade to Sierra rather than a fresh install. Nadine Chen Nadine Chen view profile.

I have issue for installing R with my Sierra. Is anyone can help? Tags matlab mac apple os sierra version See Also. Walter Roberson view profile. Direct link to this answer: Answer by Walter Roberson Walter Roberson view profile. Antonio Scarvaglieri Antonio Scarvaglieri view profile. Thank you for your answer. Unfortunetly, I have tried this already and it still doesnt work.

In my experiment a moment ago, I see that on my Sierra virtual machine, that the Ra installer crashes a few seconds after opening.

I suspect it has to do with java versions, that the legacy java might need to be installed. I will do some testing.

Error Starting Desktop when I open MATLAB R_2014a Student Version on Mac OS X Yosemite

The files involved are large so it might take me a while. I was not able to get the Ra installer to run for more than a few seconds on Sierra. I tried using legacy java, I tried using current java, I forced the installer to use a java Notes for future reference: Legacy Java: Java 8: Sierra System Preferences might not show Java, so in the search field type in Java and it will pop up a java preference window.

Mattias Cape Mattias Cape view profile. As an update - I followed the link Walter posted above and ran the patch, ra runs just fine on my new MacBook Pro Mid and Sierra version Jay D Jay D view profile. I do not see a patch for the a version, did they remove it?

Matlab R2013, Error Starting Desktop on MAC OS X

The a patch is present at https: Perfect, it works just fine now! Alexandra Sauer Alexandra Sauer view profile. I had the same problem and this worked right away. Alessandro Pollastri view profile. Answer by Alessandro Pollastri Alessandro Pollastri view profile. I uploaded everything from TimeMachine and it runs just fine. Unable to complete the action because of changes made to the page.

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