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Khim Briones Forum Veteran. Joined Aug 22, Messages 3, In short you will be denied to access to the Smart 4G Base Station, there's no way for you to use even the proxy server to bypass their portal. Here's simple step on how to retrieve your myBRO 4G wireless broadband modem device certificate, private key and the mac address either via telnet or ssh make sure to enable port 23 or 22 to be able to get this terminal open.

Once you are login to the command line interface cli e. MyBro Mac Sniping Manual.

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  7. Last edited: Aug 10, Joined May 15, Messages Joined Dec 28, Messages Sabik nakong masubukan ito sana sana bigay na po para sa sulosyung nationwide disconnection. Joined Feb 17, Messages 6. Joined Sep 10, Messages 1, Aabangan ko update ng tool mo TS. Last edited by a moderator: Jul 9, Joined Oct 28, Messages Salamat bossing thumbs up.

    They disconnected my canopy because i did not pay the monthly bill after two months because i was so furious of not telling me that they reduced the range of their signal during that time I invested more that 30k for the tower mast and the canopy grid reflector I was so pissed for what they did Pls help me to reactivate my 3 year old smartbro canopy and is disconnected over that period of time.

    IT Service Center

    Pls teach me the steps pls. Thank you. Bukas poh disconnect na internet namin kasi poh tapos na 2 yrs. Eto poh Email add. Bro, nid ur help in hacking smart bro canopy, I just got disconected last december,pero na sa akin pa ung canopy,I really need your help bro. Thank you in advance bro and more power!

    Smartbro mac sniping manual hunt using cmd and angry ip [08/2/2k14]

    Sir I want your help step by step, im a loyal smartbro user for 7yrs and had no problem until last 2 months when they implement the fair usage policy. From that time my download speed was crippled to kbps from consistent and reliable 1. Now I cant even used skype or cant load youtube. My internet is useless. I went to PLDT office for complaints several times, but they are not listening.

    Sir can you help me bring my speed back or at least make my connection usable again. My email, denmarkrq yahoo. Sir Moki http: After reaching the canopy web, it requires username and password. I tried all the UN and PW provided here and from other sites as well but to no avail. It prompted for an exceeded attempts.

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    I tried to reconnect my internet by obtaining Automatic IP Address and presto, no problem was initially experienced. Due to eagerness of hacking the canopy, I tried to connect to canopy again and I retried several UN and PW but still not successful. This is now my problem: When I tried to reconnect my internet, the portal disallowed me to activate my internet and prompted me this error code B I tried reset, laptop reboot, direct connection and revert to router, and v. Open your modem browser. Open angry ip scanner and input your Wan Ip. Your Wan IP is For the Default Admin password of the green dots you scanned: Motorola Smartbro password: If you cannot open it with the given passwords, continue scanning.

    Once you open some of it.

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    Look for the Mac address and right it down. If the Mac Address of your modem is the old mac address restore factory default your modem and perform the step no. If you successfully changed the mac address of your modem, meaning you already configured it right and congrats.!

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